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10 Keyboard Shortcuts to speed up your day

Do you use these Keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts make our lives so much easier. It’s just a pain to remember them all!

I was reading an infographic on Keyboard shortcuts and how they can help WordPress users.

  1. Ctrl + A = Select All

  2. Ctrl + C = Copy

  3. Ctrl + X = Cut

  4. Ctrl + V = Paste

  5. Ctrl + B = Bold

  1. Ctrl + U = Underline

  2. Ctrl + I = Italics

  3. Ctrl + K = Hyperlink

  4. Ctrl + S = Save Post

  5. Ctrl + Z = Undo

These shortcuts work for Windows Users and can be used for writing emails, updating your WordPress Website and writing Word Documents. Overall helping you save time and get more done in your work day!

* These shortcuts use the CTRL key for Windows Users, if you use a Mac, you’ll need to use the Command key in place of CTRL.

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