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123-reg deletes sites in clean-up error


Web hosting firm 123-reg has accidentally deleted an unspecified number of its customers’ websites in clean up error .

123-reg which hosts 1.7million sites in the UK have made an error during maintenance which has effectively deleted companies websites that were hosted on their virtual Private servers (VPS)

123-reg have not released a figure on how many customers this error has effected but have said it was a “small proportion”. The company currently has 800,000 customers in the UK so a “small proportion” could mean a lot of un-happy people.

As the VPS service is self managed 123 have confirmed it did not have a backup copy of all its customers data but was working with a data recovery specialist to “manage the process of recovery”

The VPS product is an un-managed service that 123-reg always recommend customers implement backups to safeguard against issues

Customers who purchased backups through 123-reg have started appearing online

Importance of backups

This scenario is the exact reason Function28 always recommends backing up everything you do, from your small word documents to your entire business accounts.

If you have any concerns about your backup systems feel free to get in touch with Function28 for some friendly advice Contact us

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