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5 Reasons to stay away from ‘DIY’ site builders

There are quite a few companies in the web industry that have TV adverts that promise the world for very little in return. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Simply drag and drop’ ‘create your free stunning website’ ‘No coding’

The truth of the matter is that it is very unlucky that you will get the results your business deserves, and in the long run you will end up paying more than using a dedicated web company ( I have heard Function28 are great 😛 )

Here are a few dangers to look out for if you are considering a ‘DIY’ Website

  1. Watch out for Flash! In the case of many site builders there sites are usually created with Flash. This is a big problem because It is not search engine friendly and cannot be viewed on Apple devices such as iPads etc.
  2. Dedicated Pages. If your website is built using the Flash platform then it only has 1 real page and gives the illusion of having more. When I say this I mean that google will not index your site correctly, leaving you with poor positioning on your SEO
  3. Bad designs. A lot of the time the website design will take a hit to try and make it easy for you to customise. A lot of them are behind current styles and are not up to standard to represent you. Here is an example from a large company in the ‘DIY’ industries ‘pro design range’ I think it illustrates our point better than words :S
    DIY Website Bad Example
  4. Bad First Impressions. First impressions cannot be more important than within the website industry. This is because there are so many options at a click of a button. A lot of these ‘DIY’ companies have their branding all over or adverts slap on them. This screams ‘small business, I need a site for cheap’
  5. Long term costs. The highest-priced plans range from about £15 a month for a minimum of a year. They will also try and sell you add ons and they state that the package comes with ‘premium support’ but normally this just covers their own system and not one on one help to you with regards to building your site

All we are really saying is make sure you do some research before committing your company to these sorts of things.

There is ‘No such thing as a free lunch’ you would not be as trusting if a mechanic suddenly started offer a car shell with a ‘lego block’ style click together interior

Dedicated website companies have trained expert staff which are approachable and know what they are doing.

Represent your company in the right way