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Captivate Your Email Lists with These 5 Top Tips

Have you ever sent a mailshot to your vast mail lists and barely anyone clicked or even opened it? Whether you’re sending out a newsletter, new offer, or a generic promotional email, there are certain practices you can apply when crafting the perfect mailshot.

1. It All Starts with a Great Headline

Make the purpose and benefit of your email clear in the subject line. Hopefully you are promoting something they are interested in, and if they don’t open it then at least you’ve been transparent. You don’t want to frustrate your audience with a misleading or vague headline that results in them getting annoyed when they find out you’re not actually promoting something they are interested in. It is important to write a headline in such a way that engages your audience. For example, “It’s Snack Time! Get 40% Off Snacks Now” or “Losing Motivation? 5 Tips for Staying Focused at the Gym.”

2. Avoid the Fluff, Get to the Point.

If there is too much to read, the chances are that none of it will get read. It is important to make sure you get to the point of your email in the first paragraph. Inform readers exactly why you are emailing and the benefit of the aspect being mentioned in the first paragraph as well as the subject line. For example, if you’re promoting a new product or offer, make it clear from the beginning. If you’re promoting an area of expertise or sharing knowledge, make it obvious what you are talking about. Then, explain why this area is beneficial to your audience. For example, “Streamline your Marketing processes with our advanced new Marketing Automation System.”

3. Don’t Be a Robot

Don’t use language that your audience can’t relate to. Businesses are usually experts in their field, but your audience isn’t, so don’t expect them to understand all the lingo associated with your industry. Talk to them in a way that best reflects your brand personality and avoid being too robotic with your communication. Although you are representing a business, you are still a human talking to another human.

4. Be Engaging

If your reader has opened the email and have read the first two lines, don’t lose their interest by not being engaging enough. If they have read the first two lines, then they are interested in what you have to say and what is on offer to purchase, much more so than whoever deleted the email without reading it. If you’re sending your audience an email promoting your thought leadership blog, ask them questions that will resonate with them such as, “Do your cleaning efforts go into hibernation over Winter? Read our top tips on how to keep your house clean this Winter.”

5. Provide Value

It’s important that every email you send out provides value for your audience. They have to find the content useful in some way, whether you’re providing an offer, tips, or updating them on changes to your services. Using email as another way to say, “Look at our products” is not going to be valuable enough to your customers and they aren’t going to click through to your website.

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