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eBay will “hide” listing descriptions for sellers with HTTP content in their listings

eBay will be enforcing a new links policy update. Read our summary on the update to make sure your eBay business isn’t affected.

Why is eBay changing it’s links policy?

If you’ve read our articles and received our emails about changing from HTTP to HTTPS to secure your website, then you’ll be aware that, as of last month (October 2017), Google started marking HTTP Websites as ‘not secure’ if they didn’t have SSL Certificates. (If you haven’t, where have you been!? You can read them here.)
eBay has now made changes to their policy to match up with Google’s ‘not secure’ feature. eBay states that the changes are “to ensure that buyers don’t see this [not secure] message when they visit your listings, eBay is changing how desktop users can view listings with non compliant content.” The update will:

  • Increase the security of the marketplace.
  • Increase conversions of visitors to customers.
  • Make sure that eBay sellers pay eBay its final fees instead of completing transactions on external sites.

How will eBay change its listings?

“The majority of eBay listings are already secure and will be unchanged.” However, listings with not secure HTTP links will feature key bits of information from the item description followed by a “see full item description” button, putting the full item description behind an extra click, similar to how the ios app works.

Image from ebay.com

What do I need to do to make sure my full description displays on the main page?

Ensure that your listings only contain secure HTTPS content. You can do this using the eBay ‘how to secure your listings’ guide.  You’ll need to make sure this is the case for all active listings, scheduled listings, saved listing templates, description templates, and inventory you have not yet listed.

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