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Function28 File Management System Tool!

file management tool

Simple, Secure Web Solution For Managing Your Files

Function 28’s File manager allows global access to your files, the ability to set up multiple users with a variety of permissions. It is a perfect platform for sharing documents if you are on the go.

The system can be company branding and accessed from any device. It has been developed to be simple and intuitive to use

This system can be installed on our servers and hosted for you or can be set up on your own dedicated server space. Saving your files using a system like ours keeps yours files safe if your computer were to break or get stolen


The system allows you to:

  • Add directories ( multiple tiers )
  • Upload / download files
  • Drag files from one directory to another
  • Delete files (files are placed into the trash in case of accidental deletion), you can then delete for good by emptying your trash location
  • Full user management control

Practical uses

The tool is really good for companies that have sales executives, it allows them to pick up previous quotes, product price documents all via there tablets or mobiles

It is also a really good way to share documents that everyone in the company needs to see.

What are the costs?

One off installation charge of £30 + VAT followed by a £10 + VAT monthly fee after the 1st month for up to 25GB of storage.

You can have as much storage space as you want, which will be charged at £1 + VAT per 1GB of storage if you exceed the 25GB limit**

** Discounts are available for additional storage if paid in advance – talk to us if you would like more from the outset

Try out the demo set up by visiting this link


If you have any questions about this system please do not hesitate to get in touch Contact us by email or give us a call on 01884 308091 / 01472 485858