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Get Your Website up to Scratch: Tips to Organically Boost SEO

If you have a website, you need to be aware of how to improve SEO across your site to avoid falling behind your competitors on search engine results pages (SERPs). The better your SEO relative to your competitors, the higher you will rank on search engines such as Google.

1. Optimise Your Content

Search engines are ever-improving how they filter out relevant information for users, ensuring that the top results are the most valuable. There are ways you can optimise your website and content to move higher up the rankings. Google has updated its algorithm to incorporate E-A-T guidelines when ranking results. The closer your website adheres to the E-A-T guidelines, the better your chances are of ranking higher.

E-A-T, which stands for expertise, authority and trustworthiness, are each elements used to determine the quality of the website. It is important to optimise your content to share expertise about your industry. This can be done in the form of a blog or by frequently adding new information.

To build authority, it is useful to cite sources and research, helping you to remain transparent when providing information. Link building with reputable organisations is also a good way to build authority.

Trustworthiness can also be improved by creating content that has a purpose and is valuable to your audience. Share content that would be useful and interesting to them, not content that tries to fool algorithms. Another way to increase trustworthiness is to make your website safe and secure by including an SSL certificate on the site. The SSL certificate ensures that any personal and financial information is secure when using the website.

2. Ensure Your Mobile Site Is up to Scratch

Over the last couple of years, Google has placed much higher importance on the usability of mobile sites to inform webite ranking, due to an ever-growing number of people using mobile phones to research information. If you’re on your phone and want to find out information about a product or service, but the mobile website is impossible to navigate and you can’t find what you want, Google’s credibility decreases and has effectively failed to do its job. Google’s focus is to ensure that users can find the information they need quickly and efficiently, thus failing to optimise your mobile website will result in your website getting left behind in the ranking.

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3. Increase Security

Users get an alert when a website is not secure and will consequently go back to the results page and visit a website that is secure. Failing to secure your website will therefore result in higher bounce rates and lower rankings. Having poor security also puts your business’ private information at risk from hacking too. Maintaining an up-to-date SSL certificate is the best thing your business can do to increase security for you and your users, reducing bounce rates and improving rankings.