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How to make sure your Business’ Twitter Account is found by Google

Are you aiming to achieve more exposure for your Business’ Twitter account? When was the last time you checked what you had written in your bio? Did you know that in 2015 Twitter made an agreement with Google, officially giving Google full access to Twitter’s full stream of tweets, making Twitter’s 140-character tweets more searchable online? Read Function28’s tips and tricks to optimising your Twitter Account for search engines.

  • Keywords

Keywords that you’re already using in the metadata (the page content) of your Business’ website are a good place to start when optimising your Twitter Account. Your website keywords might not translate seamlessly to Twitter, but if you combine them with popular hashtags and topics that work well with your content, you’ll have a good bunch to start with. These keywords and Hashtags improve your search-ability and help people find your content, ensure that you only use them for keywords and terms relating to your business as otherwise your content and updates may look spammy and discourage potential followers. These keywords will be picked up by Google due to the 140 characters being searchable online, allowing you to make your business more exposed in search engine results.

  • Hashtags

‘Hashtagging’ differs from using keywords as hashtags are a more immediate and sometimes short term promotion method, for example, if you’re running a campaign for your business, using hashtags alongside keywords would work better than just keywords alone. Hashtags drive engagement on social networks and increase traffic to your website via click-throughs on the link included in the social post where the hashtag was used. Getting your hashtag trending on twitter would be massively beneficial to your business as Twitter has 313million monthly active users! Give it a go, let us know you’ve read this post by using the hashtag #Function28Optimisation, we’ll see how many people read it!

A great example of a hashtag campaign is Coca-Cola’s ‘#share a coke’ campaign. The campaign was released when they brought out their named bottles. The campaign was so successful that the hashtag is still being used now.

Hashtags can cause issues when trying to create campaigns for your business as they can be ‘hijacked.’ Hashtag hijacking is when an existing hashtag, that a company has set up to generate positive PR, is hijacked by others. Instead of being used for positive sentiment, it is used for attacks on the business, or for sarcastic and negative comments. Sometimes the hashtag is mocked and made into something it wasn’t intended for, such as the Susan Boyle Album release example below, however, in regards to this example, it actually made the album more talked about and was, therefore, a successful campaign despite the misleading hashtag.

  • Profile Optimisation.

Optimising your Twitter profile will increase your businesses exposure and provide you with long-term search-ability. Ensure to keep your username and handle consistently across all of your social media accounts, using your brand name and website links increase your findability. See our article on Facebook Optimisation to ensure all your social media accounts are optimised! Fill out all of the sections and ensure they are as detailed and accurate as they can be, this will increase the validity of your account.

When uploading your Twitter photo, name your image with a relevant title such as ‘Function28-devon-webdesign’ as the name of your images are also read by search engines.

Verification badges- A blue “Verified” badge that appears on certain Twitter profiles. The badge helps Twitter users get true, verified information directly from public figures and business entities. Apply for a twitter verification badge here. Ensure you check that your account is ready before applying for the badge.

  • Bio Optimisation

Twitter’s bio is indexed regularly. Craft it well, use up all of the 160 characters to explain what tweets your followers may expect from your profile. Aim for simplicity and be concise. Emphasise the most important aspects of your expertise and remember to promote them in a catchy & creative way. Consider using Twitter’s language like #hashtags and @mentions which play the role of clickable keywords in your bio section. It’s your golden opportunity to link to your official website and make significant improvements to your account’s findability. Check out the photo to the right to see how Function28 do this.

Including a link to your official website is a strong call to action. Consider which page would be most appropriate and where you want to send your followers. There are plenty of options, however, by SEO standards, most authority usually belongs to the main page of your company’s website, so this is going to be the most reasonable choice. In the case of any temporary campaign or event, you can always link to a special landing page.

Make sure that your website also links back to the Twitter account. Mutual linking not only brings more valuable traffic but also gives your profile more credibility in the eyes of Google.

We offer social media packages that include the set up and optimisation of you Social Media Acocunts.  If you have any enquires about how to optimise your social media accounts, call Function28 on 01884 308091 / 01472 485858. Make sure you follow our social media accounts to see more of our tips and tricks!