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‘Like getting in shape, ranking well in search engines takes time.’


I recently read an article on why SEO is just like fitness. As SEO medics, we can relate to professional fitness trainers, getting that difficult moment when a client asks for guaranteed, immediate results, only to find out there are absolutely none.

  • In both search engine optimisation and fitness training, there are no guaranteed results. There’s only so much a consultant or trainer can do in terms of planning and execution.
  • In both areas, it’s about stamina and following and long term plan. One off optimisation initiatives are as effective as one intense gym session – they’re not.
  • SEO experts and professional athletes will agree that there are no shortcuts that work over an extensive length of time. Results demand continuous hard work.
  • Neither SEO nor sports is a level playing field competition. Similarly to different body types having different advantages in sport, different websites have different advantages or disadvantages when it comes to being number one in search engines.
  • Optimising websites and training at a competitive level can be a frustrating experience, because the world has not stopped dead in its tracks, and there’s a chance that someone else (or a competing website) will still do better, despite your best efforts.
  • With both fitness programs and SEO, measuring progress is everything. Without metrics and trends to follow, success cannot be sustained.

Lastly, there’s one more quality both SEO and fitness have in common: the more it becomes a habit and part of a regular routine, the better the chance that the success achieved will exceed all initial expectations.

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