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“Marketing is everything”

…says the marketing guru behind Apple’s phenomenal success, Regis McKenna

We agree. Creative marketing seamlessly fuses website design, build and visible online presence to make your brand stand out in the market place.

A huge section of that market place is online, so marketing these days, more than anything, means online marketing.

Online marketing is not something you can just leave to chance. That’s where we help.

We work with you to create a highly structured digital marketing strategy to get you where you want to be in consumers’ minds.

Below, we’d like to suggest some key social marketing tools we feel you should be thinking seriously about.


Social Media

social media development

Social media provide a unique meeting place not only for strengthening relationships with existing clients but also of attracting new business. Remember, though, that social media are exactly what they say on the tin: a platform for you to “be social”, to let people know a bit about you and your values, your company and brand, and what you offer. Don’t try the “hard sell”. It turns people right off.


Social networking brings many benefits to your business. It potentially

  • opens your doors to millions of clients every time you post
  • keeps your client network up to speed with new offers or relevant issues
  • projects your brand’s unique personality
  • builds long-term relationships that will benefit your bottom line

We can create a presence for you across all relevant sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


One of the daddies* of social networking, this is very much a business-orientated site. It is the place to find like-minded professionals, keep up to date with your industry, and to offer your services.


Including a blog on your website gives your business a personality and a human face to chat with existing clients and visitors. Regularly posting blogs to your website is also a great way to enhance search engine optimisation (SEO): search engines love sites with regularly updated content.

Combining your blogs with social media services, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, can also promote your content to a wider audience, helping you to cultivate a larger user base over time.


News Web Sites / Forums

Never forget: you are an expert in your field. If you have a good inside scope on something new in that field, why not share your knowledge? Or wisdom from your years of experience? This not only boosts your credibility, it also boosts your SEO.

There are trillions of websites out there just crying out for regular news items.

Once you are an established contributor, you will gain the respect (and hopefully business) of your readers, because they have learned to trust you.

As part of our digital strategy, we supply you with an analysis and list of sites relevant to your key markets.

*OK, founded in 2002, it’s a “daddy” at just sixteen years of age. Just shows how fast things move on the internet.

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