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Microsoft Spartan!


You may of heard that after 19 years of running time Microsoft is dropping its browser Internet Explorer and finally attempting to catch up with other browser on the market ( such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari ) by releasing ‘SPARTAN’

Being a big fan of Frank miller’s 300 film I find the name strong and appealing but will it be able to perform to users expectations?

Spartan is meant to be, well, Spartan. Internet Explorer is commonly viewed as bulky and slow and Microsoft really needs to shake off that user preconceptions.

The new browser is being released on the windows 10 platform, if you are running the beta version you will be able to install Spartan right now!

Does the browser look different?

Well..yes it has adopted the modern style of other browsers with minimalist icons and sparse use of boarders . Yet the interface itself is not any smaller than that of Internet Explorer which, contrary to popular opinion, is quite compact. In fact, the default toolbar takes up more space than the one in Internet Explorer 11.

Not a great start, then. And the bulk of the interface becomes an issue elsewhere. In drop-down menus and context menus, for example, there is significant white space between each item. That means the menu is larger than in other browsers, and as a result scroll bars are more likely to appear. Similar problems appear in the settings pane, which is simply a long list of options with significant white space that would be better organized with tabs or sub-menus.

We have to remember at this point that there is still time to iron out bugs and things.

For me working on the internet it will take quite a big jump for me to switch browsers. The version of Spartan I have had a go with clearly isn’t a finished polished browser as of yet, it would be unfair to say if it’s the next big browser or not.

I like that Microsoft have seen that they need to improve one of their products and are tackling it head on.