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New Email Services From Function28

One of the areas we are all constantly trying to upgrade and make better for all our clients is SPAM and Virus protection being sent into and from email accounts. It is an area that can cause huge frustration in loss of time and resource, obviously the better the experience we can make it and the more we can reduce the time overheads involved with SPAM and viruses coming into your emails the better.

That is why we have teamed up with a third party company who’s email gateway software we have been trailing and it has proved to be enormously successful for us.

The Gateway Software is a Weapons-Grade anti-virus and anti-spam filtering system which deals with the emails before it hits your inbox, protecting you. Gateway has been designed to provide comprehensive suite of security features, all configurable via a simple web-based interface which means you can control things yourself (or we will happily look after things for you). And the great thing for you is that you do not need to do anything other than let us know the email address you want to have protected so we can set your account up and once that is done the effect is almost immediate.

There is a cost attached to the service, which we have endeavoured to keep to as low a figure as possible in order to make it financially viable for you, but please do read though the features and benefits below before making your mind up as to whether or not you want to take up the new service.

The Features

  • Anti-Spam Protection – each email is subjected to hundreds of tests to establish validity. We detect emails from open relays, ‘zombies’ and by the language used.
  • Specify how spam is handled – we can quarantine it or deliver it with special markers.
  • A range of settings – that adjust how sensitive our filters are to the content and origin of an email. No spam filter will ever be 100% effective but our highest level will give you the best protection you’ve ever had against unsolicited email.
  • Spam Digest – summary emails of the past 24 hours activity in your Spam Folder. It allows you to see, at a glance what has been put in there and is ideal for spotting false positives should they occur.
  • Easy access to your quarantine – access your spam folder on our web site, or via IMAP.
  • Anti-Virus Protection – fast and powerful protection from viruses with the ability to scan for worms, attachments and inside compressed files.
  • Outbound SMTP – virus-scanning for outbound email. You never have to worry about accidentally infecting a customer, supplier or friend!
  • Blacklists and Whitelists – override our spam detection and block or allow emails from certain addresses or whole domains.
  • Control over notifications – control how the system behaves when spam or viruses are detected. Receive notifications, or not, as required.
  • User Control Panel – web-based interface providing control over the settings for the above features.
  • Fast Throughput – all scans completed in seconds with no perceivable delay on email delivery.
  • No lost emails – in the event of server or connectivity problems, we’ll queue your email and recommence delivery within 5 minutes of your server returning to normal operation. You can even review and respond to your queued email online.
  • Alias email addresses – unlimited aliases per email account
  • 100% Online configuration – everything can be configured online and changes take effect instantly. To set up we only need to amend your MX records.
  • 24×7 Monitoring and updates – virus detection signatures update every 15 minutes and we constantly review our spam detection tests.

What will it cost?

Minimum count of 5 users per account** prices shown are exclusive of VAT and is subject to a minimum 6 months (payable monthly in advance)

Amount of Email Accounts (up to) Monthly cost of service
5 £12.50 ( £2.50 per user/month)
10 £20.00 (£2.00 per user/month)
25 £40.00 (£1.60 per user/month)
50 £55.00 (£1.10 per user/month)

** An account is one domain and blocks of users are as shown above

If you want to start using the service call us on 01884 308091 / 01472 485858 or email, let us know the email address /domain you want protected and we will get everything set up.