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Life is Good

  • Project Brief:
    Life Is Good, run by Carola Becker, a Nutrition Expert and Nutrition Coach, offers personalised online plans and ongoing coaching to those wanting to change their diets and lifestyle. Carola wanted a website that showcased her business and her personal plan options, featuring an e-commerce element alongside a clean, crisp design with high quality imagery.
    The websites e-commerce element allowed customers to purchase particular personal plans from the website, after which they were given log ins to the restricted online form (pre-assessment questionnaire) which they had to fill out to receive their personalised recommendations.
    The website’s clean and crisp design features a straight forward navigation, both horizontal and vertical for easy navigation through the many different lifestyle sections, fitness, nutrition and services. Carola wanted a clean design with high quality images to represent the clean lifestyle that her business promotes.
  • Technologies:
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