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Protect yourselves against Malware known as GOZeuS and Cryptolocker.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) are continuing to take action against this attack and have temporarily taken control of the communications used to connect with infected computers, but expects only a very limited window of opportunity to ensure you are protected

These pieces of malware could potentially cause serious damage to your personal or business data and we are advising customers to take precautions in protecting themselves against these applications.

* Ensure your system software is up-to-date
* Make sure your internet security software (including Anti-virus, Anti-malware and firewall software) is up-to-date
* View emails with attachments sent from unknown senders with caution
* Take care to look out for Phishing emails
* Avoid storing passwords on your computer
* Make sure you keep backups of your work in another location in case the worst happens

More information about the malware can be found at https://www.getsafeonline.org/nca/