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Responsive Website Design has never been more important

Google is rolling out the new ‘mobile-first index’. This term won’t mean much to the general public, but it is important.

The ‘mobile-first index’ means Google will create and rank its search listings based on the mobile version of content, even for listings that are shown to desktop users. So if your website is not fully responsive you could take a hit in your SEO ranking.

What will this change?

More and more searches are happening on mobile devices, this is happing for many reasons. For example: – faster mobile internet connectivity, faster phones and just convenience.

Google wants its index and results to represent the majority of their users…who are mobile searchers.

Google have already begun testing this mobile-first index to some users. But it looks like we are still months away from this fully being rolled out. Google doesn’t provide a date as they are still doing tests with what they have already rolled out.

Why this matters to your business.

Google have already said that content that’s not deemed mobile friendly will not rank as well, this is all part of the new mobile-first index movement.

When we talk about ranking, this is referring to how ‘high’ you show up on google results for specific search terms.

What does all of this mean?

If you want to get the most out of your business website you need to have thought about how your site appears on mobile and tablet devices.

In todays market, people are using tablets and mobile devices to browse the internet more and more. Google want to make this experience as good as possible so will ‘rank’ sites with optimised mobile content higher than sites without it.