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SEO Tip Google increases Title & Meta Description Length

Google increases Title & Meta Description Length!

You may or may not have noticed that Google limits the character count of results displayed in the SERP to a fixed length.

Previously, titles longer than 55 to 60 characters will be truncated while for the snippets (the description underneath the title) the character limit is around 160 characters.

Recently Google’s been experimenting with longer titles and snippets, here is a list of some of the changes Google has been making

  • The new character limit of titles and snippets
  • The impact of the increased character limit
  • How you can change your existing title to take advantage of the new change
  • The effect of the change in mobile search

This change now allows more feedom in crafting your titles and snippets, and its worth keeping an eye on as these changes are still new and Google could still change their search results again. Since this is the age of A/B testing, we can’t be sure if these changes are temporary or permanent until Google announces it.

But it is a good sign for us to be aware and take note of what’s currently happening in the industry.