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Social Media Management

Social media is an important and effective tool for business’, allowing instant and direct communication with existing customers and engagement with potential customers. Whether you want to increase website visitors, reach, or likes on a certain post, an effective social media strategy will enable your business’ objectives to be achieved.

Posting on social media regularly not only aids Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but also increases your business’ exposure and allows you to maintain a strong position against competitors. We are aware that you won’t always have time to be checking and posting on social media regularly throughout the day. Our services offer a convenient and effective way to stay on top of your social media efforts. We have a variety of packages available, which are each tailored to suit your organisation’s objectives and marketing budget.

Social Media Services

Social Media Setup and Management

We offer the option to set up new social media pages across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn or update the current ones with more appealing imagery, up-to-date logos, and up-to-date company information. Social Media Management (SMM) includes posting on the platform 3-10 times per week, retweeting, and sharing relevant content related to your industry. SMM also includes engaging with followers and starting conversations, responding to messages, and creating branded images for posts. The intermediate package is the most popular amongst our clients.

Social Media Reporting

To ensure that progress is made on social media and aims are being achieved, we offer a monthly social media reporting service, which gathers data from all 4 social media platforms and benchmarks against previous months. The data is then analysed and recommendations are made for the following month, contributing to the overall effectiveness of social media strategy.

Social Media Strategy

We offer a social media strategy session if your company does not already have a strategy you want to follow. The session will detail how best to approach your target audience via social media, the nature of the content to be posted, and we’ll discuss what specifically you want to achieve through social media. Popular objectives are to drive customers to the website, increase reach (awareness), increase phone calls, or increase engagement rates. Your objective will affect how posts are written and the type of images posted. The strategy will then be amended monthly according to the report recommendations.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising also helps achieve higher engagement rates, greater reach, and a larger number of click-throughs to your website. It is useful for promoting a competition, a product, and events, ensuring that the wider target audience, who don’t already follow you, will see your post. Social media adverts can be executed on each platform according to your requirements. To ensure the advert is successful, timeframe, cost, imagery, audience demographic data, and area of promotion will need to be discussed before the advert is run.

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