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The Top 5 Elements to Consider for a Successful Website

What are the key things you should be considering before launching your new website? If you’ve recently had one developed, the site should tick a few boxes! If the developers don’t cater to the marketing requirements necessary to manage a website, contact us today. We are a Digital Marketing agency in Devon that will not only build a beautiful, seamless website for you, but our team are experienced Marketeers who will get your website off to a good start and ensure traffic continues to grow!

1. Visual Design

The visual design and layout of your new website should be aesthetically pleasing, whilst matching your company’s branding and industry. Your logo, fonts and colour schemes should all be clear and consistent across the whole site. The layout should also cater to the amount and style of content incorporated. For example, if you choose to have plenty of detailed information about your company and services/products, it is important to have a theme that utilises images and moving media effectively to create a balance for users. The use of white space is also an element to be considered before launching the site. Is the site too busy and you don’t know where to look? This is a sign that white space, areas with no text or images, should be used more effectively.

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2. Content

If you’ve got this far on this blog post, then you will have definitely heard the “Content is King” Marketing phrase! The phrase really does ring true. Your content should not only answer your audience’s questions, but it should also be valuable to them. Websites are a great opportunity to tell your audience more about you as a company and share expertise in the form of a blog or news section.

Two key sub-elements with regards to content are call to actions (CTAs) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Do you have at least one CTA on each page? It is beneficial to include CTA’s throughout the text to encourage users to contact you or purchase your product if it’s an e-commerce site. Is the content tailored to benefit SEO? If your website doesn’t use keywords that your target audience are going to be searching for, your website will fall behind competitors in the rankings, decreasing traffic. For the long-term benefit of the website and for the initial push, an SEO strategy should be utilised and consistently reviewed.

3. Navigation

How easy is the website to use? Can users find the information they want quickly? You don’t want users to give up and click off the site because it’s too confusing. To ensure navigation is easy, it is useful to group pages under the navigation bars, which are usually located at the top of the website.

4. Credibility

If your audience doesn’t trust your company, they aren’t going to purchase your product or service. It is therefore important to build credibility and demonstrate that your website and company is legitimate. A way to do this is through link building with other credible organisations. Getting other companies to link users to your website and doing the same for them will improve your site’s credibility and SEO. Credibility can also be enhanced by stating your contact information, details about your company, testimonials and social media links. Your company should remain fully transparent to the user to maximise credibility and increase trust.

5. Responsiveness

Has your mobile or tablet site been developed properly? If the mobile or tablet site has poor navigation, images are incorrect sizes and buttons don’t work, the site will cause havoc to your users. In fact, they will just click off the site and go to a competitor that has a responsive website! Since mobile phones are the most popular device used to access the internet according to the Office for National Statistics, it is incredibly important that all companies have a good mobile site to avoid missing out on communication with mobile users.

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