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Devon Website Design

We Build Responsive websites using cutting-edge digital design

Website design moves fast. Novel tools constantly appear to make websites beautiful to see AND highly interactive. That’s where Function28 comes in. Our graphic design wizards have oodles of up-to-the-minute, creative ideas that will exceed your company’s design expectations.

We constantly monitor the hottest innovations we can apply to clients’ websites. Because we use the most advanced web design tools, you can be assured that your site will be top-notch in quality. Above all, it will showcase your company to the world.

What’s more, it will fully live up to that keyword “responsive”, which we explain a bit further down.

Talking to a website design company like us could be daunting. We understand that, so we make working with us as smooth and interactive as possible.


  • We don’t baffle you with industry tech talk!
  • We will talk with you about your company, to understand in depth what business goals you want your website to achieve.
  • Your ideas about your site’s look form part of our design process—we are definitely not a one-size-fits-all business.
  • We work with you to create a transparent, step-by-step process that guarantees you are delighted with the final product.

What is responsive website design?

We said we don’t baffle you with tech talk. But, if you’d like to understand some basics of websitery, we hope what follows will help.

Think about how people use the internet nowadays: the days when desktops were king are a distant memory. Many people surf almost exclusively on tablets and smartphones. You need to bring those people to your business. That’s where responsive design comes in.

Basically, responsive website design means optimising your website to be viewable on all platforms—including tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops—no matter what the screen resolution is.

Anything you see on websites anywhere—on Facebook, or on your own blog, etc.—has to be invisibly coded. That coding is standardised; there’d be chaos if it wasn’t! It is called Hypertext Markup Language. Rather a mouthful, so those in the know call it HTML. Our team at Function28 use the latest HTML version to build in some supercool features to your website.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.  An HTML innovation, they offer fantastic benefits for presenting website content. They make everything much prettier, while ensuring a uniform look and feel across absolutely everything on your site.

Our team uses the very latest version—CSS3—with its exciting new visual features. These features may not be essential for website functionality, but they are essential to create the best possible visitor experience. We will use them to make your website look amazing as well as operate cleanly. CSS3 makes it easy for us to create sites that make visitors go ooh and aah.

  • Does your website look great?
  • Is it working for you?
  • Can you manage the content yourself?
  • Are you happy with the ROI from your website?
  • Do you have the correct support team to help you?
  • Is your website cost-effective?

Talk to us if your answer is NO :

  • Does your website look good?
  • Is it working for you?
  • Can you manage the content yourself?
  • Are you happy with the ROI from your website?
  • Do you have the correct support team to help you?
  • Is your website cost effective?

Our quick 6-step guide to how we work with you

  • Discuss your initial requirements and give you a cost.
  • Mock up your design ideas.
  • Build the front end (that is, what you see).
  • Implement back end (what you don’t see) with database and content management.
  • Submit to major search engines.
  • Make live and GO!

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