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Why do you DESERVE to be #1 on local search results?

I recently came across an article talking about how to talk to local companies about SEO. Often in the industry we  are presented with company owners asking questions like “What kind of results will I get?” or “How long will it take?” or “How much more traffic will we get?” And since there’s no way to definitively answer to those questions, potential clients sometimes give you “that look” when we tell them, “It depends.” And although this may sound like a cop out type of answer its actually the most honest answer you can give.

There are so many factors to take in when working on SEO that if someone guarantees you the number #1 position on all search terms i would be very suspect.

Function28 try to keep it simple when discussing SEO and in black and white terms it comes down to your websites content.

The majority of business we deal with want a high return on localised search terms within the area they work. And by asking this simple question Why do you DESERVE to be #1 on local search results? it really helps to get things started.

We are not being rude when asking this question but simply trying to find out what makes you stand out. If you have a clear answer to this question you will find the writing clear unique content which is locally relevant comes more naturally, and stops you filling your page with ‘fluff’ content.

So next time you are struggling to write content just ask yourself or employees the simple question  .

Why do you DESERVE to be #1 on local search results?