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5 social media tips


Social media can be a great tool for business to connect with current or new customers. These social media tips are key to get people engaged with your content.

1. Make customer service paramount

People tend to use social media tools as a quick method of communication with companies. If you are presented with a complaint or something asking a question, don’t avoid them or delete their messages. Instead, respond in a friendly professional manner.

By doing so it shows that your company is helpful and care about the services you provide

2. Give it some time

It has been said a million times, but First impressions matter no matter what area your business is in.

Using a pixelated fuzzy picture of your company logo can drive people away. Think of it in this way, would you put a fuzzy picture on your company van, shirts? It is the same principles when dressing your social media pages.

Make them engaging and Don’t be afraid to Ask questions in your posts to try and getting people talking

3. Create interesting content

Its important to decided what you want your social media account for. Is it a place for industry news or more of a light-hearted page.

Do some market research and look at other companies social media accounts for inspiration

4. Less sales, more incentives

It is no secret to why businesses use social media, to get more people using there company products and services. But it is important not to use your social media to be a direct sales pitch.

Instead, reward your fans with discounts, promotions and giveaways. Doing this will give people intensives to follow your page, people will not appreciate there social media accounts being bombarded with a catalog style selling

5.Use Images

This may sound like some pretty basic advice but it’s surprising how often it’s overlooked. A lot of people thing that great content is enough to get a click through but text does not grab peoples attention as much as a decent picture.