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How to make sure your Facebook Business Page is found by Google

making sure your Facebook Business Page is found by Google, facebook optimisation
Facebook Pages have proven to be very beneficial to smaller businesses over recent years, with Facebook creating many updates and new features to its platform that now allow you to run your whole business through a Facebook Page. This means that a Facebook Business Page has become a ‘second home page’ for many small businesses. However, do you know how to actually ensure your Facebook Business Page gets found? It’s important to optimise your Facebook Business Page with some SEO best practices.

  • Name.

These best practices begin with choosing the right name for your Business Page. This is the most important element as you chose this name once, and it is then permanent after this. Your Business Page name should be brand-able and represent your business and show its personality. It’s key to remember that the first word of your Facebook Page title is the most significant in the eyes of Google.

  • URL.

Once you’ve created a page name, Facebook automates you a URL, we recommend that you don’t keep this automated URL and instead, personalise your URL address, unify it to go with your brand name instead. Make it unique and easy to remember. If you match your Facebook URL with the page title you’ll strengthen your brand identity and even more importantly, personalisation will hugely improve the findability of your page both in Facebook search and in search engines. For example – ‘https://www.facebook.com/function28/‘ or ‘https://www.facebook.com/BBCSouthToday/.’

  • Fill out your profile.

The next steps require you to fill out your profile fully, uploading images to be your page profile pictures and cover photo and then adding up to date relevant information about your business to the page. Pay special attention to the ‘About us’ section, as your visitors want to know all of the details about your business, they’ll look for opening times, phone number, a bio, location, your services, prices etc. Similar to Meta Description, you need a suitable description, short enough to be correctly displayed in the search engine snippet, both on desktop and mobile (you get 155 characters.)
A complete profile shows your audience that you have a professional attitude and are engaged in what you do. As well as applying this to your Facebook Business Page, aim for consistency across all of your social media accounts, and make sure that the main graphics match. Utilise your Facebook cover photo as its 851 x 315 px and therefore the largest image you get to play with on your profile, it’s also one of the first things your audience will see when making a first impression of your business. Take a look at this template which shows you areas that aren’t available on mobile.

  • Additional features.

Once you’ve ensured that your content it filled out fully with the relevant images, it’s time to optimise the newest features that Facebook has in place for Business Pages. These include, ‘Call to action’ button, messenger for business and instant replies. Using these features certify that your page is well optimised and increases the authenticity of your page on Google.

  • Optimising for keywords.

Throughout setting up your business page, optimising for keywords remains crucial, even when it comes to social media. Place your targeted words and phrases in the most important, strategic parts of your page, include them in the URL, page title and ‘About us’ section because they will then be visible on the front page and will appear in search results.

Remember that the name of your page corresponds with the title tag and your short description works as the Meta Description Tag. However, make sure that you do not overuse keywords, stick to a top six and mention them naturally in their proper context.

  • Populating!

Finally, once your business page is set up it’s time to begin populating it. Regular posts and interactions on Facebook will keep your business talked about and increase the optimisation for it to appear in Google.
It’s helpful to note that the first 18 characters of each of your Facebook posts serve as the Meta Title and the Meta Description in search engine results page. Therefore, any time you are posting on Facebook, uploading a picture or creating an album etc., take advantage of the fact that you can add a description and make sure that any post has keywords and phrases relating to the business.


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